Holiday Shopping Report 2020

Holiday 2020 Online Shopping Results DermPRO

Holiday Shopping 2020 Infographic Online Revenues for Aesthetics Practices

Aesthetics practices’ online revenues swelled during the pandemic-affected 2020 Cyber Weekend and Holiday Season

In a year like no other, 2020 holiday season revenues surged beyond expectations, the pandemic prompting online sales levels that eclipsed predictions and broke many records. Aesthetics practices with DermPRO-hosted online stores reflected this trend, with average holiday season revenues higher than they’ve ever been.

According to Gartner, “The 2020 holiday season… saw a shakeup of traditional shopping behavior.” Adobe Analytics analyzed 1 trillion US retail sites and found that US online sales during November and December increased 32.2% year-over-year, totaling a record $188.2 billion. SAP Customer Experience provided insights into what they described as “a massive surge in online sales,” pointing to the pandemic, earlier deals in November, increased mobile purchasing, and higher Average Order Values as contributing factors.

The Aesthetics Shopping Report from DermPRO

While the national retail data is meaningful, our focus is on the impact of ecommerce and the holiday shopping phenomenon on dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and other aesthetics providers. With 8 years as the top ecommerce provider for aesthetics practices—hosting stores for hundreds of dermatology and plastic surgery practices and medical spas in 43 states—DermPRO is uniquely positioned with insights into what’s happening in online sales in the aesthetics industry. Our second annual Holiday Shopping Report and Infographic offers a rare view into real results from real aesthetics practices.

Analyzing data from all of the online stores hosted by DermPRO, this year we looked at data for three primary periods: Cyber Weekend—Black Friday (November 27th) through Cyber Monday (November 30th), Cyber Week (November 27th thru December 4th), and the entire holiday shopping period covering all of November and December. As our second year publishing this report, we have the added insight of comparing the 2020 results to those of 2019.

Average Online Holiday Revenue for Aesthetics Stores 2020

The top story this year in aesthetics ecommerce? Higher ecommerce revenues, higher average order values, and higher purchase conversions than ever before. The average holiday season revenues of the top 30 stores was $143.4k, which is 440% higher than the top 30 stores averaged in 2019.

Higher Revenues Across a Broad Spectrum of Aesthetics Practices

While some may be inclined to believe that flourishing online aesthetics revenues may be attributed to a few successful practices, we expanded our data this year to look at a greater number of stores. When we saw that average holiday revenues for the top 50 stores in 2020 were almost twice what the top 20 stores averaged in 2019, we knew the growth was broadly applicable, and not isolated to a few smart and thriving businesses.

In fact, during each period that we analyzed—Cyber Weekend, Cyber Week, and the entire Holiday Season—a different practice topped the numbers for each. The top revenue-producing practices were highly diverse, ranging from newly-opened stores to stores we’ve been hosting for many years, from medical spas to dermatologists to cosmetic surgeons, and geographically spread across the country.

Highest Online Holiday Revenues 2020

These high-performing stores drove very healthy highs, but they were not the highest single-store revenues we’ve seen. In fact, the highest single revenue-producing store during Cyber Weekend in 2019 brought in more than the highest single store for Cyber Weekend 2020. In other words, the tremendous growth in the average revenues of top stores was due to many more stores selling more, and not due to a few stores going over the top.

Following the Trends

Higher AOVs

Aesthetics stores followed many of the same trends that were identified in the national landscape. In step with SAP‘s data referenced above, the Average Order Values (AOVs) during Cyber Weekend and Cyber Week eclipsed those of 2019, with all DermPRO stores averaging $522 for Cyber Weekend, and $413 for Cyber Week. That’s 47% higher than the AOVs of 2019. Further, the top 30 stores in 2020 had significantly higher AOVs, coming in at $741 for Cyber Weekend and $585 for Cyber Week. These high AOVs were driven by high sales of cosmetic procedures including CoolSculpting®, neurotoxins, and dermal fillers, and buoyed by high-value gift card purchases.

Average Order Values Holiday 2020

Higher November Revenues

Some of the other overall trends mirrored by aesthetics stores include strong November revenues, and higher conversion rates. In 2020, November revenues were twice the December revenues. This is partly attributed to Cyber Monday which contributed 43% of all Cyber Weekend revenues—the highest single-revenue day of the season—falling in November, whereas in 2019 it fell in December.

But there were also higher revenues in the first three weeks of November, partly propelled by virtual events. As events in 2020 shifted from in-office events to virtual events, event revenues have ballooned when paired with convenient online purchasing offered pre-event, during the event, and post-event for a period of time. These virtual events helped push November revenues beyond typical levels.

Popular Shopping Days 2020 Holiday Season

Higher Conversions

Higher conversion rates by mobile users, and also by visitors coming to the stores from social media sites, contributed to higher average conversion rates. In those stores that ran 12 Days of Christmas social media campaigns in December, the number of visitors to the stores from social media—and the conversion rates of those visitors—increased when compared to social media visitors and conversion rates of last year and previous months in 2020.


Holiday Discounting for Aesthetics Practices 2020

If you think that successful selling over Black Friday or Cyber Monday has to include steep discounting, think again. Even though the average discount rate for U.S. merchants on Cyber Monday was 29 percent, according to Salesforce Inc.’s holiday shopping reports, the average Cyber Weekend discount for the top DermPRO stores was just 17 percent, and just 15 percent during the whole holiday shopping period.

Further, those stores that were the most successful across the entire 2-month holiday shopping period discounted even less, with 13 percent and 10 percent average discounts for Cyber Weekend and the Holiday Shopping period respectively. DermPRO’s typical client is a medical office with strong relationships with a loyal patient base, and generally offer modest discounts.

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How Aesthetics Practices Are Lighting Up E-Commerce Now

aesthetics practices ecommerce growth

E-commerce Revenues for Aesthetics Practices skyrocketed in the second quarter. How did so many practices manage to bring in 6-figure online revenues monthly, even while their offices were closed?

The short answer is this. They stayed in touch and stayed connected with their patients throughout the pandemic. They offered relevant and thoughtful resources, information, and offers, with online ordering and appropriate fulfillment options. Thanks to quick responses by many of the professional skin care manufacturers and by DermPRO, hundreds of aesthetics practices’ online stores did some rapid adjustments to be able to give their patients what they needed during these unprecedented times.

The Industry-Wide Trend

We couldn’t help but notice widespread news about the growth of e-commerce in all industries, and particularly in the beauty industry. As WWD has reported, there has been a shift in the industry. L’Oreal’s chief digital officer “says that in late May alone, e-commerce sales grew 143 percent in the U.S.” As the preferred provider of e-commerce store services to SkinCeuticals Customers, DermPRO has observed the same phenomenon in our customers’ stores.

Beauty E-commerce Will Evolve Over the Next Year

Consensus appears to be that “the migration to e-commerce will be permanent,” with the majority of folks maintaining the online purchasing habits that they formed during the crisis. This permanent shift makes it ever more important for aesthetics providers to get online now, so as not to get left behind by the leaders who are serving their patients with convenient online options for everything from virtual events to social commerce, all leveraging e-commerce.

The Key Trends

As the demand for shopping online has increased, the number of aesthetics practices entering into the world of e-commerce has accelerated, giving DermPRO more and more data that helps us analyze trends in the industry. Given that the entire second quarter has seen unprecedented growth in online purchasing, we thought we’d share some of those exciting trends.

Aesthetics Practices Online Revenue Data

With over seven years of aesthetics e-commerce data that we’ve peered at from every angle, not much surprises us. But April, May and June blew us away.

  • Highest Revenues Getting Higher
    When we look at the stores with the highest revenues each month, those monthly highs are increasing. We have always seen outliers who were holding an event or running a very special offer. But the steady climb of the highest revenues is something that we’ve seen throughout 2020. Often the online purchasing slows a bit during summer months, so with the online sales for the top twenty online stores being $903,100, that was a June record.
  • New Stores Are Launching With a Splash
    In the past, we’ve seen new stores take six months or more to build up engagement, while their patients get exposed to the idea of buying their non-invasive procedures and skincare products from the practice’s new online store. Not so for the wave of new stores we built this past quarter. Many of the top-earning stores in May and June were brand new stores. Six of the top ten stores were stores that had been open for five months or less, and four of those had been open one month or less!
  • Anyone Can Do It
    Across all of our stores, many practices that have seen inconsistent results are now starting to see steady online revenues. The top fifty stores in June averaged $22,750 online, so we’re no longer seeing a few really strong performances by event-holders and lukewarm results from others. Everyone who puts an effort into marketing, merchandising, and promoting their online stores can see a return on that effort.

How Did They Do It?

Here are some of the most effective strategies for aesthetics practices looking to leverage online selling during this time.

  • Email communication has become a lifeline between your practice and your patients. Adjust your messaging to be sensitive to the situation while consistently reminding your patients about the availability of online purchasing options.
  • Virtual events—from Patient Appreciation Days to Virtual Open House Events— were some of the largest drivers of the top performers in May and June. The top sellers? Gift Cards and BOTOX®. One store sold over $100k of BOTOX® online in May by discounting it just 5% during their event.
  • Not surprisingly, product replenishment has been a significant factor in e-commerce activity. Sunscreen has done particularly well. You should have automatically triggered emails configured to remind your patients to replenish their previous purchases at the appropriate delays after purchases.
  • Don’t forget your VIP Members! While there has been some drop-off of memberships during the pandemic, some practices have actually increased the number of members by promoting special member benefits. These are your loyal patients, and they will remain loyal if you make them feel special. Priority scheduling upon the practice reopening, free shipping, free virtual consults just for members, and other exclusive perks for members have helped several practices retain members even while the office has been closed.

If you’re an aesthetics practice wanting to start selling online, or you already have an online store but are looking for ways to improve your results, contact DermPRO, the gold standard in aesthetics e-commerce.

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Optimizing Conversion of Aesthetics Promotions With Online Purchasing

Online spend per session by hour of the day

Getting the most out of aesthetics promotions

Most of DermPRO’s customers that have great results with their online stores typically use the stores in conjunction with monthly promotions and/or targeted promotions that are emailed to their patients. Historically, these emails are sent on certain days of the month and during hours of operation, typically around 10 to 11 am. This tradition reflects the desire to have someone in the office available to answer phones and questions, and hopefully convert opportunities related to the promotions.

Online spend per session by hourView the full-size Infographic: Online Spend Per Session by Hour of the Day

With online stores being leveraged, we can see how the data tells a story about shifting behaviors and the results of online shopping. The data shows that traffic is highest to the website and online store during the office hours—represented by the blue line of sessions—reflecting that a lot of people visit the store when they receive the email campaign. This is expected, especially since these emails contain numerous calls to action linking the recipients to the website and online stores.

Turning our attention to the purchasing data, the red line represents actual spend, and the yellow line represents the revenue per session. These lines clearly show that both the online revenue and revenue per session are significantly higher when the office is closed.* This pattern mirrors the general trends of the busiest times for online shopping—which is typically in the late evening—and shows how an office can take advantage of converting when consumers are most likely to make purchases online by offering an online purchase option.

*Data during the midnight hour incorporates membership payments that are often scheduled to trigger at midnight. This accounts for the blip in revenue per session at the midnight hour, since those purchases are not correlated to actual online traffic.

When do aesthetics purchasers buy online?

Online Aesthetics Sales by Hour of the Day

Online shopping has gone from non-existent to ubiquitous in a matter of a few decades. Eight out of ten US consumers with internet access have bought something online, and over 62 percent shop online at least once a month (Episerver, 2019). How are aesthetics practices participating in this trend?

By employing ecommerce, top aesthetics practices are able to extend their hours of operation to service their patients 24×7, and alleviate the reliance on costly and inconvenient engagement methods like phone calls.

Aesthetics Online Sales by HourView the full-size Infographic: When do Aesthetics Shoppers Buy Online

Peak Online Shopping Hours

At DermPRO, we are always interested in how the activity on aesthetics practices’ online stores compares to overall ecommerce activity. Having seen multiple statistics indicating that the peak online shopping hour is 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, DermPRO decided to take a look at our top stores to see how aesthetics practices’ stores compared.

We know that many of our clients have strong online purchase activity throughout the day while their offices are open. We also have lots of Google Analytics and ecommerce data telling us when there is traffic on the stores, and when that traffic converts, i.e. when purchases are made.

Not surprisingly, in 2019, the peak shopping hour on DermPRO’s top 10 stores was 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm as well, with heavy purchase activity throughout the evening hours. In fact, those stores generated over $50K per month on average with 59% of orders placed at times when the office was closed – after hours, weekends and holidays.

Putting It All Together

Triangulating our data, we also know that the highest converting source of traffic to the stores is email. We checked the email stats, which tell us that a high percentage of email opens and clicks are happening in the evening and night hours. Patients are reading the emails and clicking through to the online stores in the evening.

Don’t miss out on DermPRO’s continued explorations and analyses of online shopping behaviors. Sign up for DermPRO News & Information today, or complete the Demo Request form on the sidebar.

What do aesthetics practices sell online?

What are people buying online

Many practices come to DermPRO wanting an online store where they can sell professional skin care products.

They don’t realize that their patients want to purchase EVERYTHING online. Let’s face it… All of us have become accustomed to the conveniences of ecommerce, whether it be for our groceries, hair color, or eyeglasses. Online purchasing for both products and services is a trend that is rapidly overtaking the aesthetics industry, and one that offers patients many conveniences that fit their lifestyles and habits.

Since our beginnings seven years ago, DermPRO has always included services on our stores, and BOTOX® Treatments have steadfastly held the number one spot as the highest single revenue-generating product or service, across all DermPRO stores.

Take a look at our infographic to see what else aesthetics shoppers are purchasing online.

What Aesthetics Shoppers Buy Online InfographicsView the full-size Infographic: What Aesthetics Shoppers Buy Online

Many aesthetics practices are using their online stores for monthly promotions, events, memberships, and holiday sales, mirroring their in-office purchases. Online stores focusing on products only are missing an opportunity to use their stores for greater patient engagement and satisfaction.

*The data in this infographic is pulled from the top 15 DermPRO-hosted stores.

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Tips for Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Emails

effective emails for dermatologists

Updated 1/18/2020

How do you break through the noise of the inbox to get your emails noticed and ensure they are generating results for your practice?

reading an email on tablet

Today’s email inboxes are crowded and overloaded with marketing emails, many of which are not getting opened or clicked. If you’re sending monthly “e-blasts” and other marketing emails to your patients, your open rates may be 18% to 25%. Your click rates may be 2% to 9%. Maybe they’re lower, or maybe they’re higher.

Either way, let’s take a quick example. If 2 out of every 10 patients who open your email make an appointment for a service or purchase a product, think of how your bottom line could be affected if you could increase your list size by 5% or 10%, or increase your open rate by 5% or 10%. Better yet, if you could also increase the number of openers who act to make a purchase, in our example from 2-out-of-10 to 3 out of every 10 openers, that would make a significant impact on your email ROI.

So what can you do to stand out and be sure that more of your patients are seeing, reading, and engaging with your practice’s marketing emails? There are some key strategies for creating more valuable and effective emails that your patients will want to open and act on. Here are just a few simple tips.

Mobile-Friendly Emails Are a Must

email opens by device

On average, 55% to 60% of all emails are now read on mobile devices. Across DermPRO clients, mobile device opens are generally even higher. In fact, mobile devices account for as much as 75% of the opens for some of the practices for whom we do email marketing. Whether it’s 55% or 75% of your emails being read on mobile devices, you must ensure that your emails look great and are easy to read and interact with on all devices on which they will be read. Include large calls-to-action that are attractive and will be easy to identify and click or press. Whether it’s monthly specials, targeted remarketing messages, birthday emails, ecommerce transactional emails, or other email communications, responsiveness is required if you want to drive reader engagement and results.

TEST IT Open one of your emails on your mobile phone. Does it look great? Is it readable without a lot of swiping, pinching, expanding, etc?

Use a Customized, Branded Email Template

Use a branded, responsive email template for consistency and usability. Using a template that you have tested and you know looks great in multiple email programs and on multiple devices will firstly help ease the implementation of mobile-friendliness, which is a key feature as previously discussed. A template will also ensure that your patients recognize your emails and correlate them with your brand. Your emails are how your patients and prospective patients are seeing you on a weekly or monthly basis. They should not only be recognizable and consistent from email to email, but they should have a consistent look and feel with your website, online store, social accounts, printed collateral, and other marketing materials.

consistent branded aesthetic promotion email marketingClick to see the email.

A professionally-designed template lends a credibility and sophistication to your email communications. A branded, responsive email template will improve effectiveness and customer experience.

TEST IT Look at the last 3 emails you sent to your patients. Do they have your logo and practice branding clearly and consistently displayed? If you have an image representing your current specials or an event on your most recent email, will your patient see that same image on your website when they visit your website, or on a flyer in your office when they come into the office?

Calls to Action That Drive the Results You Want

Your patients are likely busy people, and quite possibly a significant percentage of them are working moms. When are they reading their emails and making purchases? DermPRO’s data shows that the emails we send for our clients are being read throughout the day and evening hours, with about 55% of the clicks and conversions to purchases happening during evening hours and on weekends.

What kinds of calls-to-action do your emails contain? If there are none, or only “call us” calls-to-action, you are missing an opportunity to convert your readers into buyers. Of course, DermPRO is an ecommerce provider, so our emails include calls-to-action like Shop Now and Get in Now buttons. These actionable calls to action enable recipients to act on special offers immediately, rather than having to wait until your office is open to call you for more information.

Emails drive ecommerceClick to enlarge.

When your email invites the reader to Shop Now, RSVP Now, or Buy Now, allowing them to click through to an online store where they can see sale pricing and make a purchase, you will improve your results. A recent study showed that peak online shopping time is 8pm. Having a specials page with purchasable items or a full online store where your promoted items can be purchased will help you take advantage of this trend and convert your email readers into buyers.

We analyzed Google Analytics data over a 3 year period for our top stores. The highest driver of traffic to the stores? Emails. While the traffic to most commercial ecommerce businesses is driven by paid search, direct traffic and organic traffic, DermPRO stores are not your typical ecommerce business.

Medical practices enhancing their patient engagement and retention with ecommerce, DermPRO’s clients generally see the majority of their store traffic being driven by emails, both targeted campaigns aimed at specific patients and e-blast campaigns offering promotions. These emails drive an average of 30 percent of the traffic to the stores, often the top source of traffic. But regardless of what any given practice is doing to drive traffic to their sites and online stores, the undisputed leader in conversions—the percentage of visitors who made a purchase— came from emails. Well-constructed emails with “Shop Now” links, paired with verbiage and special pricing at the target store—matching the email-advertised promotion—is the killer combination for converting store visitors.

TEST IT Open the last email you sent to your patients. What are the calls to action? If the only one is Call the Office, you are missing an opportunity.

Increase Your Subscriber Base!

We work with hundreds of medical offices. I’m often surprised by how many of them are not using a systematic procedure for collecting email addresses with the proper opt-in terminology and following up by adding those email addresses to their promotional email list. If you provide both medical and cosmetic services, your medical patients are a ready audience for your aesthetics promotions. Include HIPAA-compliant verbiage on your patient intake forms which will allow you to send promotional emails to your patients.

If you have a database of patients that are not opted-in to receive your marketing communications, you can run a campaign to invite those patients to subscribe. DermPRO’s popular Email Opt-In Campaign service takes care of all the details of this type of campaign for you. Our average increase in list size is 10-15%. We just completed a campaign that increased a dermatologist’s marketing list by 50%! Complete the form on the right to learn more about this service.


Personalization is an important trend in email marketing today. I invite you to refer to a previous blog post, Personalization is Now, for more information about how to create targeted messages to the right people at the right time.

Final Thoughts

Now is a great time to rethink your email strategy and resolve to make some changes that will increase the quality of your marketing emails and the value of your email subscriber list.

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Aesthetics Practices Clean Up Over Cyber Weekend

Holiday 2019 Online Shopping Results DermPRO

Holiday Shopping Report 2019 Online Revenues for Aesthetics Practices

Every year we hear that Cyber Weekend was the biggest weekend in US online shopping history… Well, this year is no different. As predicted, Cyber Weekend sales eclipsed last year’s results, and set the stage for record-breaking overall holiday shopping revenues.

According to multiple sources such as Adobe Analytics, Black Friday online sales hit a record of $5.4 billion, up 22.3 percent from a year ago, while Cyber Monday shoppers spent a record $9.4 billion online, up 19.7 percent from a year ago.

Forbes reported that about 58 million people shopped online only, while 51 million shopped exclusively in stores. The another 65 million consumers shopped both online and in store, for a total of 174 million shoppers over Cyber Weekend.

While data for the top national retailers is readily available and fascinating, where does the aesthetics industry sit and how has ecommerce and the holiday shopping phenomenon impacted dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and other aesthetics providers?

Average Online Revenue for Aesthetics Stores

The Aesthetics Shopping Report from DermPRO

With 7 years as the top ecommerce provider for aesthetics practices—hosting stores for hundreds of dermatology and plastic surgery practices and medical spas in 43 states—DermPRO is uniquely positioned with insights into what’s happening in online sales in the aesthetics industry. DermPRO’s Holiday Shopping Report and Infographic offers a rare view into real results from real aesthetics practices.

We looked at data for Cyber Weekend—Black Friday (November 29th) through Cyber Monday (December 2nd)—and Cyber Week (November 29th thru December 6th). Since many of our stores ran 12 Days of Christmas promotions throughout December, we also looked at the entire holiday shopping period from Black Friday through December 24th.

Many DermPRO-hosted stores running Cyber Weekend and holiday promotions bring in 30-40 percent of their annual online revenue during the last 5 weeks of the year, depending on several factors such as when they run their big Open House Events and how aggressively they promote during Cyber Weekend.

This year, the top 20 revenue-producing stores over the holiday shopping period averaged 35 percent of their total annual online revenues. While Cosmetic Services are the highest segment for revenues overall on DermPRO stores, during the holiday shopping period, E-Gift Cards brought in almost as much as Cosmetic Services, and indeed e-gift cards are always some of the most popular holiday season sellers.

Average Order Value Over Cyber Weekend

Top Days and Times of Day

While Cyber Monday was the clear single-day winner—accounting for 40 percent of the Cyber Weekend revenues—not surprisingly, Black Friday was the second highest day of the period. All of December was strong, though, thanks to an increased number of practices that ran 12 Days of Christmas promotions, keeping patients coming back throughout the month.

We looked at online revenues over the entire holiday shopping period. The top 10 stores averaged $84.8k in online sales for the period. The average revenues of the top 20 stores was not far behind, at $58.7k. The highest online revenues for a single store during the period was $163k, with $160.7k of that coming over Cyber Weekend.

Mirroring the results from Adobe’s report, Cyber Monday got a huge boost from late night shoppers. While Adobe reported that nearly a third of Cyber Monday’s total revenue came between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., DermPRO found similar results with 9 p.m. being the most popular shopping hour by a landslide. Given that most medical offices were open that day, it may surprise you that so many purchases came in at 9 p.m. But the data shows that the online orders accelerated as the Cyber Weekend specials came to a close.

Aesthetics Discounting Was Modest Compared to Commercial Averages


If you think that successful selling over Black Friday or Cyber Monday has to include deep discounting, think again. According to’s holiday shopping reports, average discounting reached 31 percent on Cyber Monday, with some segments discounting as much as 45 percent.

However, on DermPRO stores, the average Cyber Weekend discount was just 17 percent, and just 15 percent during the whole period from Black Friday to December 23rd. DermPRO’s clients are primarily respected physicians who have strong relationships with their patients, and are generally not high discounters.

What Did They Buy?

Even though discounting was modest, higher discounts did correlate to larger AOVs (average order values). AOVs were highest during Cyber Weekend when the discounting was also highest, averaging $357.18 for all DermPRO stores. Many individual stores carried $500+ Average Order Values, thanks to popular e-gift card promotions and higher-priced treatments that were specially priced for the weekend. AOVs decreased slightly when you look at the entire Cyber Week ($342.27) or the entire Holiday Shopping period ($310.08).

This year, patients purchased gifts for their loved ones and themselves, spending big on e-gift cards, BOTOX® treatments, Laser Hair Removal, and memberships & special treatment packages. The top selling procedure by revenue was BOTOX®. Taken together with other neurotoxin treatments, Neurotoxins captured 11 percent of the total revenues for the weekend. The 2nd place aesthetic service was Laser Hair Removal, accounting for around 5 percent of the weekend’s revenues. 25 percent of all Cyber Weekend revenues came from E-Gift Cards.

While product sales were spread across many different products and brands, there were some stand-out products, including TNS Essential Serum® and SkinCeuticals® CE Ferulic. The top brand by units of products sold was EltaMD.

Sales Drivers to Aesthetics Stores

What Drove Traffic to the Stores?

According to Practical Ecommerce, paid search ranked highest for driving revenue, representing a 24.4-percent share of sales, followed by direct traffic at 21.2 percent, and organic search at 18.8 percent. Bringing up the rear were email driving 16.8 percent (up 9 percent over 2018) and social media with only a 2.6-percent share.

Curious about how patients ended up on the aesthetics online stores? Since DermPRO stores generally see less traffic from paid search and more direct traffic from the practice’s main website and from emails, the sales drivers were quite different from the drivers for the large commercial sites.

By far the largest source of traffic to the aesthetics stores over Cyber Weekend was email. Well-constructed emails containing direct “SHOP NOW” links to each special are the clear top drivers of both traffic and conversions on the aesthetics stores, accounting for as much as 80 percent of the Cyber Weekend store traffic for some practices.

For the top 20 stores, email drove an average of 56 percent of the traffic, followed by direct traffic accounting for an average of 21 percent of the traffic, followed by organic search and referrals, each at 10 percent. Ecommerce conversions (the percentage of store visitors who make a purchase) are highest from the email-sourced visitors.

Learn more about Ecommerce-Enabled Services from DermPRO by submitting the simple form in the sidebar of this page.

The Coolest Landing Page

coolsculpting lead management

We’ve done posts before about the importance of landing pages as a key marketing strategy, where a web page is purpose-built as the target for an email, social, or pay-per-click campaign. By stripping away distractions, landing pages focus your visitor on a single call-to-action, optimizing conversions for a singular transactional purpose.

After helping many aesthetics practices implement landing pages to promote HydraFacials, Fillers, Profound®, CoolSculpting®, and other services, we have learned a lot about what makes them successful. Our key finding — the biggest factor in your landing page’s success is how you nurture the leads.

coolsculpting landing page

My landing page is getting visitors. Now what?

When people visit your landing page and register their interest by calling you or submitting a form, what you do next will make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

Many practices do not have the processes in place to systematically and consistently follow up with the leads coming from their landing pages. When your lead has responded to your campaign and you’ve done the work to get them in for a consultation, often they leave saying, “I’ll think about it and let you know.” For too many practices, the conversation ends there.  Without a well-defined set of steps and messages to move your leads through the sales funnel, you will not be effective at converting the leads to sales.

DermPRO has developed a turn-key system that pairs an effective CoolSculpting landing page with tracking, lead management, remarketing, quoting, and post-consultation offers and purchasing.

Components of Success

DermPRO’s “Coolest Landing Page Service” is a turn-key solution that addresses the entire process required to convert your landing page leads to purchase. Comprised of a set of integrated tools that work together to optimize revenues, this solution ensures your return on investment in a CoolSculpting campaign and landing page.

  • A Landing Page with a lead form and back-end tracking
  • Customized CRM interface that helps you track leads through the sales funnel
  • Built-in email templates for each stage of the sales cycle, easing your follow-up with leads and ensuring consistent messaging that works
  • Quoting tool for use with the leads when they come in for consultations
  • Automated remarketing that reaches out to leads post-consultation
  • Special Offers page with purchase capability to help close the sale

Attract: The Landing Page

A custom-designed, beautiful and effective landing page will feature two primary calls to action—a phone number, and a lead form. Both of these will be tracked so that the leads are automatically sent to the proper recipients and all subsequent communications are tracked. Learn more about Landing Pages for Aesthetics Practices.

Nurture: Lead Management the Right Way

Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with the leads that have come in from your landing page, in order to optimize their likelihood to buy. We turned to the world’s #1 CRM platform,, to provide the lead management piece of our solution. Not a CRM expert? No problem. Our customized module automatically captures lead information by office, technician and channel, creating pertinent tasks and notifying your staff of the next steps.

track coolsculpting leads

How do you follow up after your lead has had a consultation? The package includes pre-configured email templates for converting at each stage of the sales cycle. This will help you send just the right message to move your lead through the sales funnel, from lead to consultation to purchase.

sales email templates

Differentiate: Quoting Engine

With the integrated Quoting Engine option, you can send and track quotes so that your patients know exactly what you are recommending and what their cost will be. This exciting, ecommerce-enabled Quoting Tool features various calls to action based on how you want to configure promotions, quote expiration, and behavior based remarketing.

For example, you may want to send a special promotion to people who have opened their quote more than 5 times. This automated remarketing is a powerful tool that plugs the gaps where your staff may be falling short, and uses proven tactics that get results.

CoolSculpting Quoting Tool

Close: Special Offer Page

When you are remarketing to patients who have had consultations, you may decide to influence their decision with a promotional offer. Better yet, add a sense of urgency with a timed offer. When you send the patient to a commerce-enabled, time-limited, Special Offer page, you give yourself the best chance to close the sale.

Pulling it all together, analytics help you keep your eye on real results and understand your return on investment.

CoolSculpting Lead Management Analytics

Final Thoughts

With manufacturers offering co-op funds, now is a great time to hone your landing page strategy and resolve to make some changes that will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, landing pages, and follow-up. If you’re a CoolSculpting provider, contact DermPRO to learn more about our exciting Coolest Landing Page service.

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Your Plan for Cosmetic Services Success in 2019

cosmetic services success in 2019

Why Ecommerce is a Must-Do for your Aesthetics Practice in 2019

If you are an aesthetics provider, you know that marketing your cosmetic services is necessary to maintaining a successful practice.

The aesthetic services space is getting more and more competitive. Fortunately, there are some well-understood activities you can do to help you keep your patients loyal and grow your patient base. These forms of marketing are some of the most popular programs that aesthetics practices are getting really good at, and I’ll bet you’re doing some or all of these…

  • Regular email marketing to keep in touch with patients.
  • Periodic Open House events or other in-office events to bring people in and get them excited about new treatments.
  • Social media posting, whether you have someone in the office who dabbles in social media, or you’re paying a third party to help you ensure your social media postings are consistent and professional looking.
  • Membership or VIP program that offers your most loyal patients a sense of specialness and gives them perks and discounts in exchange for their continued loyalty.

Measuring and Improving Results of Cosmetic Services Marketing in 2019

If you’ve been doing some or all of these types of marketing programs, “Congratulations!” In order to maintain your competitiveness into 2019, you’ll need to assess the results of your marketing programs, but also account for changes and developments in the industry and in consumer behavior.

Understanding your patients’ activities and tracking their actions are important steps to help you decide whether to continue investing in these programs. How are email opens and clicks, or social likes and follows impacting in-office activity or translating into sales? Are your emails leading to sales? Are your social followers becoming patients?

Where Does Ecommerce Come In?

There is one thing that can help you both measure and improve your results from just about all of your other marketing programs, including email marketing, events, memberships, and social media: ECOMMERCE.

Consider how ecommerce can help you track and derive better results and more revenue from each part of your marketing plan.

  • Emails. Shop Now buttons in your emails enable your subscribers to purchase promoted products and services on their own time.
  • Events. When you have patients who can’t make it in person to your Open House events, enhancing your event with online purchasing can seriously impact your event revenues.
  • Social Media. The new Social Commerce features of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to leverage an online store to help you rise above your competitors and stand out in the crowded social media landscape.
  • Memberships and VIP programs. Leverage an online store to configure, manage, and market your Membership program, making it infinitely more user friendly for both your patients and your staff.

The shift to increased online shopping continued to gain momentum in 2018 as it had in previous years. Indeed in 6 years of building and managing online stores for dermatologists and plastic surgeons, DermPRO has witnessed a significant increase in online purchases of both skincare products and cosmetic services across our clients’ stores. How are the most successful aesthetics practices using their online stores to get a competitive edge? Here are some tips.

email with ecommerce link

Email Marketing

What happens when your patient reads an e-blast from your office at 8 or 9 PM after eating dinner and settling in to read and respond to personal emails? A recent study showed that peak online shopping time is 8 PM, so if your email invites the reader to Shop Now or Buy Now, you might imagine the patient clicking through and making an impulse purchase if your email leads to an online store.

Forcing your patient to wait until Monday morning when your office is open will result in lost opportunity to capture the patient’s attention here and now. Having a specials page with purchasable items or a full online store where your promoted items can be purchased will help you convert your email readers into buyers and improve the results of your email marketing efforts.

Of course open and click data from your email campaigns is very important, but when you can see ecommerce data as well, you know you’re doing something right. Correlating your emails to revenues enables you to understand what’s working and what isn’t, and helps you target your patients with even more personalized offers. Read Tips for Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Emails to learn more.

In-Office Events

event email with ecommerce

Do you hold in-office events such as an Open House, Anniversary Event, or Girl’s Night Out? The powerful combination of online event promotions before your event and online sales during your event can help you take your events to the next level. Email and social marketing for your event will elevate your event visibility and attractiveness, but the real fun begins when you can make your event specials available for online purchase. This enables revenue capture from those customers who are unable to physically attend.

We have a large number of clients who consistently bring in six-digit online revenues during their in-office events, thanks to online availability of event specials. “We are so happy with the online sales results from our Girls’ Night Out event, and truly believe it helped to ease some of the congestion of bodies in the practice. People who couldn’t make it were still able to take advantage of the special pricing,” said one practice manager. Taking it one step further, implementing intelligent follow-up emails to the online purchasers will keep them engaged with the practice and coming back for more.

Social Media and Social Commerce

product tagging in social media posts

Is your social media presence driving revenue to your business, or just readership? How do you know? Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, but you need a way to get their attention. The only way to get any kind of links in your Instagram posts without paying for ads is by enabling product tagging/shopping with an online store. Today’s Product Tagging, Shoppable Posts, and Buyable Pins leverage ecommerce to boost your social presence and drive revenue to your practice. Read Drive Business to Your Practice through Social Media to learn more.

Memberships and VIP programs

Memberships are very trendy now, but managing these programs can be a challenge for your office staff. Leveraging an online store helps you implement professional, patient-friendly and successful membership programs. Some of the most attractive benefits of online-enabled memberships include:

  • Automated billing of monthly or annual membership payments through your online store
  • Automatic online member discounts on products and treatments
  • Additional benefits like free shipping on online orders
  • Attractive Membership landing page on your store
  • Special VIP pricing for sale items
  • Store banners and promotional blocks for your Membership
  • Custom transactional emails for communications with members about benefits
  • Member-Only Specials and Integrated Loyalty Program benefits online

If you want to grow the number of members in your membership and VIP programs, leveraging ecommerce to configure, sell, manage, and market your membership program is a must. Read Memberships Are Not Just for Medspas Any More to learn more.

Find out more about how DermPRO can build your online store and help you build ecommerce into your marketing plan. We provide a full set of services to complement your online store drive results, including email marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, and membership program marketing. Contact us for more information by filling out the demo request in the sidebar.

Landing Pages For Aesthetics Practices

aesthetic landing page

Are you doing any social media posting, email marketing, social ads, or pay per click (PPC) advertising in an effort to drive more activity to your practice? Would you like to increase subscribers to your newsletters and emails? Are you offering a new service that you’d like to launch and sell?

A landing page is a key marketing strategy, in which an independent web page is created as the target for a campaign (such as an email, social, or ad). By stripping away distractions, landing pages focus your visitor on a single call-to-action, optimizing conversions for a singular transactional purpose. Read on to learn more about what a landing page is and how you can initiate or improve your landing page strategy.

HydraFacial landing page

What are your goals?

If you are doing any social ads or search engine ads, or you want to increase subscribers to your newsletters, or perhaps you want to gain traction for a key new service you are providing, a keyword-rich and attractive, custom landing page or microsite will accelerate your results. Landing pages help you collect leads for your practice. They are targeted pages, specifically built to achieve a stated goal.

For example, your goal may be to collect email addresses of people interested in CoolSculpting® or HydraFacials®. Or, your goal may be to sell a Pampering Facial in order to bring more clients into your practice, where you can upsell additional services to them. One thing that is the key defining principal of a landing page is the singular purpose. Click on the image below to see an animation of an effective CoolSculpting® landing page, or visit to visit the page.

CoolSculpting Landing Page

What a landing page isn’t

The home page of your website is not a landing page, and it is not an ideal target for your email campaign, social post, boosted post or PPC ad. It will generally not produce healthy conversions because there is too much information that is unrelated to the specific topic that drove the visitor to click through to your site. The homepage of your website probably offers general information about your practice, a menu with a variety of options for visitors to navigate throughout your site, and multiple calls-to-action. By definition, your homepage is not focused on a singular purpose.

A better option

DermPRO’s core business is ecommerce, so often we will encourage our clients to utilize product or service SKU pages on their online stores as campaign targets. These are pages where a product or service is offered, with detailed descriptions, photos, before and afters, and a purchase button. These are better landing pages than the homepage of a website, because they are usually focused on a specific topic, and have a built-in, singular call-to-action in the “Add to Cart” button. When you can target an ad to a page where the visitor can learn more specifically about your Special Facial Package and can purchase the special facial online, analysis has shown that this can double conversion rates over homepage targets.

Specialized Ecommerce Landing Page

Ideal landing page

A specialized landing page, though, has additional features that make it even more suited to effect conversions. An ideal landing page can be optimized for your topic by excluding the standard header and footer that are used on your main site or store, and stripping away the website navigation in order to reduce distractions. Another fundamental element of a landing page is an easy to use consultation request form with minimal fields, providing your visitor with a ready call-to-action. A properly implemented consultation form also helps you track results.

Here are the key features of an effective landing page for an aesthetics service:

    Mobile optimized CoolSculpting landing page

  • A clear call-to-action
    Typically this will be a Free Consultation Request or Appointment Request form, although it could be an Add to Cart button for special promotional offer, or simply an email capture field.
  • Keyword rich overview of the service
    “Long-form landing pages” with compelling copy and high keyword density have been shown to more than double the leads over shorter “above-the-fold” landing pages.
  • Mobile Optimized Design
    Mobile website traffic has exceeded desktop traffic for several years; your landing pages absolutely have to look great and work great on all devices.
  • A captivating video
    Landing page videos have been shown to increase product purchases by 144%, according to Internet Retailer.
  • Before and After images and attractive graphics
    While most generic, stock photos are ignored, purposeful images such as before and after images and images of your provider or practice add value.
  • Testimonial for the specific services or other trust indicator
    Social proof is an extremely powerful way to overcome skepticism and doubt.
  • Bio of the provider
    Certifications and credibility indicators should be offered, providing compelling reasons why your practice stands out above the rest.
  • Point visitors to your social accounts
    Use your social accounts to demonstrate the vibrancy of your practice and give your visitors up-to-date information about events.

Making it count

5 tips for getting the most out of your landing pages

  • Use your landing page as a target for a well-thought-out PPC ad. You will optimize conversions, increasing results as much as 5 times over sending people to your homepage or other webpage targets.
  • A well-executed landing page can improve your AdWords Quality Score, which can improve ad placements and lower your ad costs.
  • Take advantage of marketing funds offered by your manufacturer partners. Many of your partners will reimburse your practice for a large portion of your costs to implement a targeted campaign, including the cost of building the landing page and the ad budget.
  • Follow the best practices outlined in this post. You’ll see the difference in your results.
  • Consider an attractive discount, purchasable online, as your call-to-action on your landing page. Contact DermPRO to see how easy it is to implement ecommerce for your practice.