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  • Preconfigured Skincare Products

    Thousands of products from professional skincare brands are pre-configured in our catalog. Forget about going through the time-consuming and often frustrating and difficult process of collecting product images, ingredients, usage information and other product details for publishing on your store. We do all of that for you! Just provide us the manufacturer and list of products, and we take care of the rest. If it’s not already in our catalog, we will add additional professional skincare products free of charge. Have private label products? We’ll add them for a nominal one-time fee.

  • Preconfigured Treatments
    • Thousands of the most popular cosmetic, non-invasive treatments are pre-configured in our catalog, with multiple display options and images to choose from.
    • All the latest facial treatments, injectables and fillers, peels, body contouring procedures, and lasers are ready to go into your store.
    • Robust listings with brand information, videos, before and afters, frequently asked questions, and much more.
    • We will customize listings just for you, with your own before and after pictures, personalized videos, and any additional information you care to provide.
  • Sell Your Way
    • Treatments can be configured to sell the way you want to sell—by unit, vial, syringe, area, etc.
    • Refer your shoppers to a Fitzpatrick chart—built into your store—where they can determine their skin type and get specific guidance on which treatments may or may not be right for them.
    • Sell memberships, clubs, and set up special group pricing such that your VIP patients see “Member Pricing” and other keys that make them feel special.
    • Create bundles, packages, tiered pricing structures, auto-replenish subscriptions, and other advanced selling configurations without extra fees.
  • Related Items

    Made popular by one of the biggest names in ecommerce, the presentation of related products, complimentary products (cross-sells), recommended up-sells (larger sizes or fancier versions), and “who bought this also bought” recommendations is a tactic that’s a win-win for you and your patients. These relationships are just as or even more important for aesthetics products and treatments as they are for other industries. We have preconfigured this data for many products and services in our catalog and they’re also customizable just for you.

  • Categories
    • Aesthetics-specific categorizations and filter options make it easy for your patients to find what they’re looking for.
    • We offer category listings by product type, service/treatment type, skin type, skin condition/concern, brand, and spa services categories.
    • Want a custom category such as “For Men Only” or “Weight Loss” or something else? No problem… we’ll create it for you.
  • Manufacturer-Specific Compliance

    Your store reflects your agreements with the skincare companies you represent. While most professional skincare brands support your selling their products online, we know about those who do not. We’ll still list these products on your store with a note that they are for in-office purchase only. There are several other brands that have specific requirements for online selling and we ensure that your store complies.

  • Terms & Conditions
    • Display a Purchase Terms and Conditions statement at checkout and in a Return Policy available from the footer of your store.
    • Require acknowledgement of the terms in order to complete checkout.
    • Contraindications, warnings, state-specific required statements, patient certifications, and other information can be customized just for you on a per-product/per-treatment basis.
  • E-Gift Cards
    • We include e-gift cards on all stores we build.
    • Easy to purchase and easy to redeem on your store.
    • We provide holiday/seasonal virtual-card designs and themes.
    • Customizable options for card values–create discrete values or let your customer decide how large a gift card they want.
  • Shopping Experience
    • DermPRO stores offer a state-of-the-art shopping experience for your patients.
    • All of our store features are standard and included in our turnkey plans.
    • Filters and categories, sorting, navigation, image zoom, robust product information, and much more provide shopper convenience.
    • Optimized store functions such as one-page checkout, stored payment methods, shipping estimates, and flexible shipping and billing methods promise fewer abandoned carts and happier customers.
    • Referral perks, reward points and promotional offers delight your customers and keep them coming back.
  • Hosting and Monitoring

    All plans include hosting and monitoring services you would normally pay separately for.

    • Hosting on a PCI compliant hosting environment that has been optimized specifically for the ecommerce technology we’re using, and we take care of PCI compliance with certification renewed quarterly.
    • SSL certificates, 24x7 performance monitoring, and merchant bank setup is included in every plan.
    • Your store will be available at your own domain–e.g.—so that we optimize patient trust and SEO benefits.
  • SEO & Mobile Optimization

    All DermPRO stores are Search Engine Optimized and Mobile-Ready. Help shoppers buy from you anytime, anywhere by delivering a mobile-optimized experience that will make it a breeze for them to navigate and buy on their smart phones or tablets just as easily as they can from a laptop or desktop. Advanced SEO Package is available as an add-on to standard store configurations, offering additional keyword optimizations on-page.

  • Order Management

    Your store’s back end is as easy to manage as your storefront is for your shoppers to use. Get automatic notifications of every store purchase. Easily send shipping confirmations and other order-related communications to customers. View order history and customer activity. Export and import functions make it easy to integrate with other systems in your office.

  • Advanced E-commerce Features

    Online shipping is ubiquitous, so it’s never been more important to offer your shoppers the conveniences they’re accustomed from ecommerce behemoths. Auto-replenish subscriptions, product reviews and ratings, wish lists, product comparisons, and related/up-sell products and "frequently bought together" bundles are just some of the advanced features that go into all of our stores.

  • Customer Account Dashboard

    Your customers have access to an Account Dashboard that provides them easy reordering, rewards activity tracking, stored payment method updates and more. Plus, we build appointment request forms right into the customer account dashboard, making it straightforward and easy for your shoppers to purchase a treatment and then request their appointment right away, all from the convenient storefront.

  • Branded Email Communications
    • All store transactions produce branded emails that instill a professional brand awareness and trust with your shoppers.
    • Order confirmations, shipping notices, appointment requests, reward points activity, and other communications keep your customers informed and confident.
    • Abandoned cart reminders, birthday offers and other email communications further reinforce your brand and tighten the relationship with your shoppers.
    • Add-on packages offer further customizations and enhancements to transactional and remarketing emails, implementing best practices in predictive engagement and customer retention.

  • DermPRO's monthly support plans* include promotional marketing with graphics, campaign emails and store configurations done at least monthly.

    *Only our Basic Plan is a hosting-only plan without promotions.

  • Store-level Promotions

    Our online promotions can take many forms throughout your store, including homepage banners, sidebar blocks, shopping cart promotions and notices, and landing pages advertising currently available special offers. We do all the configurations to ensure that all special pricing, coupon codes and other modifications are in place so your shoppers get advertised pricing.

  • Product-level Promotions

    We can run many types of product promotions, including daily deal style promotions, highlight featured related or up-sell products, BOGO deals, gifts with purchase, buy one get one of equal or lesser value at half off, or specials on a particular brand or a specific category of services. There is no limit to the creative offers we can bring to your customers.

  • Cart & Checkout Promotions

    Whether it’s complimentary products presented (i.e. cross-sells) or free shipping encouragement notices that help inch up the shopping cart total, the shopping cart itself is one of the smartest places on your store to promote specials. Surprise your shoppers with a free gift in their cart.

  • Custom Email Template

    • All monthly plans except the Basic Plan include a custom email template.
    • We customize an email design to match your website and store.
    • All email templates are responsive and designed with the latest best practices in email marketing, ensuring easy reading and optimized click-through of all of your campaigns.

  • Email Promotions

    Email marketing has the highest Return on Investment of any marketing channel. We offer email marketing services as part of all monthly plans except for the Basic Plan; we’ll work with you to help you plan a promotions calendar, and then we’ll carry out the promotion design and campaign creation for you.

    We use MailChimp to manage your email campaigns, which are sent monthly for most of our Support Plans. MailChimp’s competitive rates and automated integrations with the store platform help us to offer you the best experience with email campaigns for your store. You set up the account and give us access to it. We’ll build your custom template and design and send the promotions for you.

  • Remarketing & Contextual Intelligence

    Ecommerce has advanced significantly in the last few years, with new technologies that allow us to offer your shoppers intelligent up selling and remarketing. We can configure your store to send follow-up emails after certain products or pages on your store have been viewed, abandoned cart reminders that bring shoppers back to your store to complete their purchases, review reminder emails, birthday promotions, and other targeted promotions. We know what works and will help you to take advantage of just the right technologies for your business.

  • Campaign Analytics

    Combining data from a dozen different applications and tools, we collect advanced analytics that help us to understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to apply that to optimize your store’s success.

  • Customer Friendly
    • Our built-in Rewards Program is easy to use and straightforward for both you and your customers.
    • Each store includes a Rewards Program page explaining the terms and rules.
    • Points tracking on the customer Account Dashboard clearly presents the history of points earning and spending activity, along with expiration dates of points if applicable.
  • Flexible Earning Rules

    Allow your patients to earn points not only for purchases, but for store behavior such as registering for an account, signing up for your newsletter, reviewing products/treatments, and referring friends.

  • Customizable
    • Define your desired earning and spending rates.
    • Set points expiration time.
    • Use extra points as incentives or promotional offers, such as a Double Points promo.
  • Multi-Tiered Capability

    With our optional Advanced Loyalty Package, you can define multiple loyalty tiers so you can target your top purchasers with additional perks. We’ll work with you to evaluate your customer activity after the first 6 to 12 months of store activity, and suggest how you might add to your Rewards Program configuration to further engage your customers.

  • Referral Perks
    • Customers can send coupons or offers to their friends, through email or social networks.
    • While not appropriate for all of our customers, we can also configure referral perks to your customers, gifting them reward points in exchange for referring their friends.
  • Email Updates
    • Emails are generated to the customer upon each earning and spending activity, reminding your customers of their points balance.
    • Emails are also sent upon imminent expiration of points, ensuring your customers don’t suddenly find themselves losing points to expiration without realizing it.
    • These emails can be a great encouragement in getting your customers to return to your store to use their points.
  • Product Updates

    If you’ve ever tried to sell products online before, you know how challenging it can be to keep them updated as they go through re-packaging, price changes and more. Not only do we maintain and update your store for you, often times we are proactively tracking manufacturers’ updates to pricing and packaging and we’re the ones contacting you to get your confirmation before making updates to your store.

  • Homepage Refreshes

    Most of the stores we build include a number of products being promoted directly on the store’s homepage. We keep these products up to date, replacing bestseller lists with the actual bestselling products and treatments on your store, and periodically replacing banners or other homepage blocks with current offers and featured or new offerings.

  • Content Updates

    We are continually improving catalog items with new videos, images, updated descriptions, and rich content. Don’t let static, outdated listings scare potential shoppers away. With DermPRO, your store will always be fresh and current.

  • New Features & Upgrades

    DermPRO regularly incorporates new and improved store features. As a hosted service, we are making continual investments in the latest advancements in ecommerce merchandising and marketing, and sharing the good stuff with our customers and on their stores.

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