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Control how your products are sold online

Online selling has become ubiquitous in the aesthetics industry. But for many skincare manufacturers, allowing aesthetics providers to sell their products online means losing control over many aspects of their brand, including who is buying and at what price. For many manufacturers, the most straightforward way to control these issues is to restrict the providers to only using affiliate shops hosted by the manufacturer.
Control how products are sold online
The challenges of affiliate shops

The challenges of affiliate shops

While affiliate shops provided a great opportunity for both providers and manufacturers when the worldwide pandemic hit, in the current post-pandemic world most providers are shifting the focus to their own stores. With the practice’s own store, their patients can conveniently purchase any of the services and products sold by that practice in one place, earn reward points based on the totality of their purchases, and avoid the complexity of having to create many different accounts at many different affiliate sites.

Enforcement of compliance standards for practices selling online

In order to protect their brand while accommodating providers who want to enjoy the benefits of selling products on the practice’s own online store, many skincare manufacturers are implementing increasing compliance standards for selling online that require explicit adherence to brand guidelines. Such guidelines may include MAP policies, promotional pricing, maximum discounts, promotional windows, annual price increases, product images, restrictions on who can purchase, and more. It can be a lot to think about for a busy practice.
On the manufacturer side, there is a significant monitoring cost as more and more practices are selling online, many of which are not following manufacturer guidelines.
On the practice side, adherence to manufacturer requirements gets more complicated the more brands the practice carries. In many cases, it is exactly those practices that are selling products from a multitude of brands that benefit most from having their own store.
Enforceme manufacturer compliance standards
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