DermPRO Pricing

DermPRO Store Hosting Plans begin as low as $249 per month.

Let us quote you a plan that is customized to your store size and marketing requirements. Ask now!

DermPRO Stores Feature the Following:

  • Custom Branded Online Store
  • Mobile and Tablet Ready
  • We Provide All Content and Images Related to Stores
  • Aesthetics-specific Categories and Filters
  • Robust listings (before and after, videos, ingredients, etc.)
  • Loyalty Program Built-In
  • Friend Referral Program
  • Social Sharing Links
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Integrated Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart
  • Coupons
  • Auto-Replenish
  • One-step Checkout
  • Save Credit Card
  • eGift Cards
  • Wishlists
  • Compare Items
  • Related items, Up-sells, Cross-sells
  • 'Frequently Bought Together' and 'Who Bought This Also Bought' upselling
  • Checkout terms and conditions
  • Checkout Surveys (eg Which provider do you see?)
  • Informative "My Account" Dashboard for your Customers' Account Management

Hosting Features

  • PCI Compliance
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Merchant Gateway
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Site Performance Monitoring
  • Feature and User Experience Testing
  • Browser and Phone Compatibility Testing
  • Easy-to-use Order Management Back-end / Store Management Interface

Maintenance Features

  • DermPRO Support (various levels depending on your plan)
  • Package and Content Updates
  • Manufacturer Updates
  • Price changes, Adds/Deletes
  • Feature Upgrades
  • Regression Testing for Browser Updates

Choose one of our many plans and services that leverage your online store to help you retain patients and market your practice.

DermPRO will ensure that you effectively use your ecommerce site as a tool to understand what your patients are interested in, a tool to sell and manage Memberships, a tool to encourage loyalty, a tool to simplify and automate product replenishment, a tool to sell your promoted items, a tool to boost effectiveness of your SEO and social ads, and more.

Marketing Upgrades Include the Following and much more:

  • Event Marketing and Promotions
  • Membership Marketing
  • Patient Engagement Remarketing
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders, Review Reminders, Birthday Emails
  • Brilliant Distinctions engagment marketing
  • Monthly Promotions Calendar Planning Consultations
  • Monthly Promotions Marketing, Banners, On-store Configurations, and Emails
  • Daily Deals and Timed Promotions
  • Special Promo Bundles and Packages
  • Social Media Posting
  • Integrated Blogs
  • Campaign Analytics
Let us quote you a plan that is customized to your store size and marketing requirements. Ask now!

Pricing FAQs

How does DermPRO charge for their services?
You pay a one-time setup fee for your custom, state-of-the-art store, then a monthly fee that covers ongoing hosting, maintenance, support, and upgrades. If purchasing any plan but our Basic Plan, your monthly fees will cover marketing and promotions as well. We do not charge transaction fees.
Can you explain what I get for the monthly fee?
After your site is built there are many ongoing hard costs absorbed by DermPRO including hosting, SSL security certificates, PCI compliance certification renewed quarterly, performance monitoring, software costs, and a merchant banking account provided by our partner BluePay. In addition to these infrastructure costs, DermPRO provides ongoing services including feature upgrades, support, and ongoing maintenance of the catalog, plus e-mail promotions and on-line promotions if you have any plan other than the Basic Plan. We continually work with you to ensure optimal success of your store. All these services are included at a single monthly fee.
How long is my contract with DermPRO?
Your initial contract term is 1 year. You may cancel at any time after that with a 90-day cancellation notice. For example, if you wanted to cancel at the end of your first year, you would notify us by your 9th month of service.
How much would it cost to build a comparable solution if I did it myself?
Your cost would be significantly higher when you consider the cost to build a comparable store and perform the ongoing monthly services. When you take into consideration the design and content of the site, the state-of-the-art ecommerce features, the loyalty program, the aesthetics-specific features, the promotions and merchandising, the custom email template and emails, you can expect to spend $40,000 to $50,000 on the store build itself and then thousands more monthly on ongoing services and maintenance.
If I purchase a plan and I want to add more items to it later, can I upgrade my plan?
Yes. If you find that your plan is too small and would like to expand your store, or you purchased a Basic Plan and find that you want to start having us do promotions and marketing, you may upgrade. We will charge you the incremental difference between your current plan and the new plan.
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