Online Purchasable Promotions

Increase revenue from your practice's monthly or periodic specials and promotions by making them available to purchase online.

Practices with online-purchasable specials convert higher and more cost-effectively, because it's the most natural thing for your patients to be able to click through from your email campaign to your online store when the moment is convenient. Data shows that the highest converting traffic to your online store will come from email campaigns promoting your specials. DermPRO makes promotions on your store easy, and guides our customers with our knowledge of what's working and what's relevant.

Online Events & Exclusive Offers

Whether you're running virtual events or returning to in-office events, there's no question that online promotions and online sales increase event visibility, attractiveness, and revenues.

Whether it's an Open House, Anniversary Event, Girl’s Night Out, or similar event, DermPRO offers custom event packages to help make your event available online and to enable revenue capture from your customers whether they are in-person or virtual attendees.

"Our Girls' Night Out event was a wonderful success!! We are so happy with the online sales results and truly believe it helped to ease some of the congestion of bodies in the practice. People who couldn't make it were still able to take advantage. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to get our communication and online sales out and live. We truly appreciate you!!"
—Stacey, OC Dermatology

Automated Email Remarketing

Getting visitors to your online store is one thing. Getting them to buy—and to become repeat purchasers—is another thing entirely. Automated remarketing enhances customer engagement and conversions by responding to customer behavior.

Unlike bulk promotional emails, automated remarketing sends targeted emails that are triggered by customer activity. Designed to match your store's design aesthetic, and customized to your specifications with regard to trigger points and special incentives, personalized remarketing emails will help you retain patients and result in more repeat purchases.

Rewards &
Friend Referral Programs

You already know that programs like Allē and Aspire are effective for brand loyalty. But what about practice loyalty? Having a Rewards Program associated with your practice and enhanced through your online store can increase your patient loyalty significantly.

DermPRO's comprehensive program comes with every store we build, rewarding your patients for purchasing any and all product and treatment brands you sell. The program includes options for offering points accrual for signing up for newsletters, referring friends, writing reviews.

92% of women pass along information about deals or finds to others.

Social Commerce

Let's Face It. Social Media Is Now Social Commerce. But it can be tricky to figure out how to bring your online store into your social media accounts, and more importantly, how to use that capability to positively impact revenues and conversions. DermPRO helps our clients enable and make the most of social commerce.

The pandemic brought with it a significant rise in Social Commerce capabilities offered by social media platforms, including customizable shops, more user-friendly product tagging and shopping links from your stories and posts. As your ecommerce partner, DermPRO is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of these powerful capabilities.

Memberships &
Subscription-Based Commerce

Memberships are one of the hottest trends in aesthetics marketing today, thanks to their benefits to both the patient and the practice.

You may already know how great memberships are for allowing your patients to fit their ideal treatments and products into a fixed monthly budget, and how this increases both patient loyalty and your revenues. Ecommerce-enabled Memberships can be a win for your practice and a win for your patients, with proven impact on both patient satisfaction and spending.