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Optimizing Conversion of Aesthetics Promotions With Online Purchasing

Getting the most out of aesthetics promotions

Most of DermPRO’s customers that have great results with their online stores typically use the stores in conjunction with monthly promotions and/or targeted promotions that are emailed to their patients. Historically, these emails are sent on certain days of the month and during hours of operation, typically around 10 to 11 am. This tradition reflects the desire to have someone in the office available to answer phones and questions, and hopefully convert opportunities related to the promotions.

Online spend per session by hourView the full-size Infographic: Online Spend Per Session by Hour of the Day

With online stores being leveraged, we can see how the data tells a story about shifting behaviors and the results of online shopping. The data shows that traffic is highest to the website and online store during the office hours—represented by the blue line of sessions—reflecting that a lot of people visit the store when they receive the email campaign. This is expected, especially since these emails contain numerous calls to action linking the recipients to the website and online stores.

Turning our attention to the purchasing data, the red line represents actual spend, and the yellow line represents the revenue per session. These lines clearly show that both the online revenue and revenue per session are significantly higher when the office is closed.* This pattern mirrors the general trends of the busiest times for online shopping—which is typically in the late evening—and shows how an office can take advantage of converting when consumers are most likely to make purchases online by offering an online purchase option.

*Data during the midnight hour incorporates membership payments that are often scheduled to trigger at midnight. This accounts for the blip in revenue per session at the midnight hour, since those purchases are not correlated to actual online traffic.