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Memberships Are Not Just for Medspas Any More

Why are so many aesthetics practices, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, embracing memberships as a marketing strategy today?

Benefits to the Patient and the Practice

Aesthetics Memberships and clubs allow your patients to fit their ideal cosmetic treatments and skincare products into a fixed monthly budget, which increases patient loyalty as well as your revenues. An aesthetics membership program creates better results for your patients because they are receiving regular treatments, and better results for your business because you have regular revenues from repeat customers. In short, skincare memberships can transform your practice with many benefits including increased visits per patient annually, increased revenue per patient annually, and higher patient satisfaction.

Memberships are growing in popularity in part due to the many benefits they offer the patient, for example:
•   Convenience for the patient who is looking for the skincare and beauty benefits that come from regular treatments
•   Savings for the patient compared to purchasing the products and services individually
•   Helps the patient to maintain a regimen with the convenience of one low monthly payment that they can fit into their budget.
•   Programs that include exclusive member benefits and member-only specials can make the patient feel appreciated and special.

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Memberships are a win for your practice and a win for your patients, with proven impact on both patient satisfaction and spending.

Tips for Making It Work

If you’re ready to dive in to memberships, there are a few things you should consider.

Articulate the Savings

Make sure the membership offers a quantifiable savings that you can articulate to your patient. Most patients will want to realize savings immediately, so a monthly fee that is lower than whatever service the patient can receive in the first month is a great start.

Offer a Variety of Plans

Successful programs usually offer multiple membership plans so there is a plan for every budget. Having more expensive plans makes less expensive plans more appealing, so a stepped plan (i.e. gold, platinum, and diamond) can work well. A powerful strategy is to offer targeted plans that provide attractive benefits for each patient type and interest. For example, a membership for BOTOX® savings, a membership for monthly HydraFacials®, another membership for regular chemical peels, etc. A great example is what top cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Eugene Nowak has implemented at Nowak Aesthetics in San Diego.

Don’t Forget to Market the Program

When it comes to marketing your memberships, you’ll want to utilize professionally designed banners and landing pages on your website and email communications to members. If you have an online store, you can not only market and sell the memberships online and automate the monthly payments, but you can ensure your members receive their member benefits online, including discounting and free shipping for members.

aesthetics membership landing page

DermPRO helps our clients by leveraging the online store to implement professional, patient-friendly and successful membership programs. We offer a variety of features that practices may select from, including:
•   Online member discounts on products and treatments
•   Additional benefits like free shipping on all orders
•   Membership landing page
•   Ongoing member group management and pricing adjustments for sale items as needed
•   A banner promoting your Membership in your store
•   Blurb about Memberships in your monthly promotional email
•   Custom email series for communications with members
•   Remarketing email series to promote your memberships to your patients
•   Collateral pieces to promote your memberships in-office and via shipping inserts
•   Member-Only Specials
•   Integrated Loyalty Program
•   Customer Segmentation Analysis with invitation to key customers

Find out more about how DermPRO can build your online store and configure, manage, and market a membership program for your practice. Memberships are a growing trend right now, and we have some exciting packages available for promoting and marketing memberships. Contact us for more information by filling out the demo request in the sidebar.