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We’ve done posts before about the importance of landing pages as a key marketing strategy, where a web page is purpose-built as the target for an email, social, or pay-per-click campaign. By stripping away distractions, landing pages focus your visitor on a single call-to-action, optimizing conversions for a singular transactional purpose.

After helping many aesthetics practices implement landing pages to promote HydraFacials, Fillers, Profound®, CoolSculpting®, and other services, we have learned a lot about what makes them successful. Our key finding — the biggest factor in your landing page’s success is how you nurture the leads.

coolsculpting landing page

My landing page is getting visitors. Now what?

When people visit your landing page and register their interest by calling you or submitting a form, what you do next will make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

Many practices do not have the processes in place to systematically and consistently follow up with the leads coming from their landing pages. When your lead has responded to your campaign and you’ve done the work to get them in for a consultation, often they leave saying, “I’ll think about it and let you know.” For too many practices, the conversation ends there.  Without a well-defined set of steps and messages to move your leads through the sales funnel, you will not be effective at converting the leads to sales.

DermPRO has developed a turn-key system that pairs an effective CoolSculpting landing page with tracking, lead management, remarketing, quoting, and post-consultation offers and purchasing.

Components of Success

DermPRO’s “Coolest Landing Page Service” is a turn-key solution that addresses the entire process required to convert your landing page leads to purchase. Comprised of a set of integrated tools that work together to optimize revenues, this solution ensures your return on investment in a CoolSculpting campaign and landing page.

  • A Landing Page with a lead form and back-end tracking
  • Customized CRM interface that helps you track leads through the sales funnel
  • Built-in email templates for each stage of the sales cycle, easing your follow-up with leads and ensuring consistent messaging that works
  • Quoting tool for use with the leads when they come in for consultations
  • Automated remarketing that reaches out to leads post-consultation
  • Special Offers page with purchase capability to help close the sale

Attract: The Landing Page

A custom-designed, beautiful and effective landing page will feature two primary calls to action—a phone number, and a lead form. Both of these will be tracked so that the leads are automatically sent to the proper recipients and all subsequent communications are tracked. Learn more about Landing Pages for Aesthetics Practices.

Nurture: Lead Management the Right Way

Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with the leads that have come in from your landing page, in order to optimize their likelihood to buy. We turned to the world’s #1 CRM platform,, to provide the lead management piece of our solution. Not a CRM expert? No problem. Our customized module automatically captures lead information by office, technician and channel, creating pertinent tasks and notifying your staff of the next steps.

track coolsculpting leads

How do you follow up after your lead has had a consultation? The package includes pre-configured email templates for converting at each stage of the sales cycle. This will help you send just the right message to move your lead through the sales funnel, from lead to consultation to purchase.

sales email templates

Differentiate: Quoting Engine

With the integrated Quoting Engine option, you can send and track quotes so that your patients know exactly what you are recommending and what their cost will be. This exciting, ecommerce-enabled Quoting Tool features various calls to action based on how you want to configure promotions, quote expiration, and behavior based remarketing.

For example, you may want to send a special promotion to people who have opened their quote more than 5 times. This automated remarketing is a powerful tool that plugs the gaps where your staff may be falling short, and uses proven tactics that get results.

CoolSculpting Quoting Tool

Close: Special Offer Page

When you are remarketing to patients who have had consultations, you may decide to influence their decision with a promotional offer. Better yet, add a sense of urgency with a timed offer. When you send the patient to a commerce-enabled, time-limited, Special Offer page, you give yourself the best chance to close the sale.

Pulling it all together, analytics help you keep your eye on real results and understand your return on investment.

CoolSculpting Lead Management Analytics

Final Thoughts

With manufacturers offering co-op funds, now is a great time to hone your landing page strategy and resolve to make some changes that will increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, landing pages, and follow-up. If you’re a CoolSculpting provider, contact DermPRO to learn more about our exciting Coolest Landing Page service.

Complete the Demo Request form on this page to learn more about DermPRO services for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas.

Landing Pages For Aesthetics Practices

aesthetic landing page

Are you doing any social media posting, email marketing, social ads, or pay per click (PPC) advertising in an effort to drive more activity to your practice? Would you like to increase subscribers to your newsletters and emails? Are you offering a new service that you’d like to launch and sell?

A landing page is a key marketing strategy, in which an independent web page is created as the target for a campaign (such as an email, social, or ad). By stripping away distractions, landing pages focus your visitor on a single call-to-action, optimizing conversions for a singular transactional purpose. Read on to learn more about what a landing page is and how you can initiate or improve your landing page strategy.

HydraFacial landing page

What are your goals?

If you are doing any social ads or search engine ads, or you want to increase subscribers to your newsletters, or perhaps you want to gain traction for a key new service you are providing, a keyword-rich and attractive, custom landing page or microsite will accelerate your results. Landing pages help you collect leads for your practice. They are targeted pages, specifically built to achieve a stated goal.

For example, your goal may be to collect email addresses of people interested in CoolSculpting® or HydraFacials®. Or, your goal may be to sell a Pampering Facial in order to bring more clients into your practice, where you can upsell additional services to them. One thing that is the key defining principal of a landing page is the singular purpose. Click on the image below to see an animation of an effective CoolSculpting® landing page, or visit to visit the page.

CoolSculpting Landing Page

What a landing page isn’t

The home page of your website is not a landing page, and it is not an ideal target for your email campaign, social post, boosted post or PPC ad. It will generally not produce healthy conversions because there is too much information that is unrelated to the specific topic that drove the visitor to click through to your site. The homepage of your website probably offers general information about your practice, a menu with a variety of options for visitors to navigate throughout your site, and multiple calls-to-action. By definition, your homepage is not focused on a singular purpose.

A better option

DermPRO’s core business is ecommerce, so often we will encourage our clients to utilize product or service SKU pages on their online stores as campaign targets. These are pages where a product or service is offered, with detailed descriptions, photos, before and afters, and a purchase button. These are better landing pages than the homepage of a website, because they are usually focused on a specific topic, and have a built-in, singular call-to-action in the “Add to Cart” button. When you can target an ad to a page where the visitor can learn more specifically about your Special Facial Package and can purchase the special facial online, analysis has shown that this can double conversion rates over homepage targets.

Specialized Ecommerce Landing Page

Ideal landing page

A specialized landing page, though, has additional features that make it even more suited to effect conversions. An ideal landing page can be optimized for your topic by excluding the standard header and footer that are used on your main site or store, and stripping away the website navigation in order to reduce distractions. Another fundamental element of a landing page is an easy to use consultation request form with minimal fields, providing your visitor with a ready call-to-action. A properly implemented consultation form also helps you track results.

Here are the key features of an effective landing page for an aesthetics service:

    Mobile optimized CoolSculpting landing page

  • A clear call-to-action
    Typically this will be a Free Consultation Request or Appointment Request form, although it could be an Add to Cart button for special promotional offer, or simply an email capture field.
  • Keyword rich overview of the service
    “Long-form landing pages” with compelling copy and high keyword density have been shown to more than double the leads over shorter “above-the-fold” landing pages.
  • Mobile Optimized Design
    Mobile website traffic has exceeded desktop traffic for several years; your landing pages absolutely have to look great and work great on all devices.
  • A captivating video
    Landing page videos have been shown to increase product purchases by 144%, according to Internet Retailer.
  • Before and After images and attractive graphics
    While most generic, stock photos are ignored, purposeful images such as before and after images and images of your provider or practice add value.
  • Testimonial for the specific services or other trust indicator
    Social proof is an extremely powerful way to overcome skepticism and doubt.
  • Bio of the provider
    Certifications and credibility indicators should be offered, providing compelling reasons why your practice stands out above the rest.
  • Point visitors to your social accounts
    Use your social accounts to demonstrate the vibrancy of your practice and give your visitors up-to-date information about events.

Making it count

5 tips for getting the most out of your landing pages

  • Use your landing page as a target for a well-thought-out PPC ad. You will optimize conversions, increasing results as much as 5 times over sending people to your homepage or other webpage targets.
  • A well-executed landing page can improve your AdWords Quality Score, which can improve ad placements and lower your ad costs.
  • Take advantage of marketing funds offered by your manufacturer partners. Many of your partners will reimburse your practice for a large portion of your costs to implement a targeted campaign, including the cost of building the landing page and the ad budget.
  • Follow the best practices outlined in this post. You’ll see the difference in your results.
  • Consider an attractive discount, purchasable online, as your call-to-action on your landing page. Contact DermPRO to see how easy it is to implement ecommerce for your practice.